Monday, February 18, 2008

The Wrap Up @ Imago Version 2.09.08

New Night Same Steez!!

The people came out to support and "The Wrap Up" is OFFICIALLY the FLYEST bi-weekly in Brevard. ASK AROUND!!

If you didn't attend here is a...Wrap Up?? That was kinda corny but MY PARTY is anything but that.

DJ Bidi got things started with a slick blend of ol school, 80's rock, Bossa Nova, and other treats. DJ Bidi is fast becoming one of the best, well rounded DJs in the area...DON'T SLEEP.

DJ Sharp brought it to the masses with that good true school, R&B, Classics and the joints from 93-99 that cause serious things to happen in the party.

Bidi & Sharp AKA Digital+Analog go back and forth like they been doin this for years. Someone should team them up...TOO LATE!!

DJ Colione came thru fashionably late. He does these kinda things but due to circumstances he had to double back to pick up equipment. When he arrived the people were ready for his bag of tunes. Current hits from the states + The Islands were the weapon. He came, he saw, he concured. Colione IS the real thing.

The Big Homie Official handled the mic duties and helped send the party into a frenzy!!

DJ Sharp closed the night out with time being a factor but as always he was professional with his.

A beautiful mixture of women attended this event and I'd like to thanks each and every one of them. If only I knew all of your names. I'm not a names guy. I remember faces though.

F.I.T Graduate Crew was in the building!!

Live Ive was in the party straight outta IRAQ on em!! We all appreciate what you do for our freedom my dude. Get money!!

Rekstalo came thru after myself and others began talking big $@% about him not showing up.

The other CO from CT!! You gotta chill more often!!

Sure there was a lil drama but why dwell on that?? Those that know me understand I'm all about spreading love THE CORRECT WAY.

The next event is Saturday 2.23.08 @ Imago Art Gallery. In the meantime check out Wisney and the crew Saturday 2.17 @ the same & spot. I'll be in the corner by the speaker that night.

C.O. of GVM Events

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Wrap Up Version 1.24.08

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

DJ Bidi and DJ Colione..I appreciate what both of you bring to the tables..thats real!

Big O the Doorman!!

Z-Bone!! We gotta catch up on The Wire and everyday life my dude!!

Melissa and the whole old school crew!!! We do this bi-weekly!! Don't be strangers!!

Sharp!! Are they READY???

The F.I.T Graduate Crew!!! CSA and all that!!

Nicky!! The first bottle is always on me!! Plus we are holding that seat down for you.

DJ Stacy for stoppin thru and getting me the birthday drink. I will make sure that have some non alcoholic drinks next time around.

Everyone @ Imago. As always thanks for having us.


C.O. signing out...P.E.A.C.E.